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4 Reasons Aussie Local Businesses Should Start Using QR Codes

Created on 23 January, 2023Use Cases • 1,031 views • 1 minutes read

QR codes are a quick and easy way for local businesses to connect with customers and drive sales.

Here are four reasons why local businesses should start using QR codes:

  1. Increased engagement: QR codes allow customers to access additional information about products and services, such as special promotions or loyalty programs, by simply scanning the code with their smartphone. This can lead to increased engagement and customer loyalty.
  2. Contactless payments: QR codes can also be used for contactless payments, making it easy for customers to make purchases without having to touch shared surfaces like credit card terminals. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many customers are looking for ways to avoid close contact with others.
  3. Cost-effective marketing: QR codes are a cost-effective way for local businesses to reach customers. Unlike traditional marketing methods, such as print ads or billboards, QR codes can be added to existing materials, such as business cards or flyers, at little to no extra cost.
  4. Improved customer data: By tracking the number of scans for each QR code, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data can be used to improve marketing efforts, optimize product offerings, and increase sales.

Overall, QR codes offer a variety of benefits for local businesses, from increased engagement and contactless payments to cost-effective marketing and improved customer data. By incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategies, local businesses can stay ahead of the curve and attract new customers while keeping existing ones engaged.

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