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Terms of Use and Contract

Created on 4 December, 2023 • 885 views • 2 minutes read

Terms of Use for

Owned by Bluebird Technologies Pty Ltd

1. Introduction

Welcome to, a website owned by Bluebird Technologies Pty Ltd, an Australian company. This website offers QR code generation and analysis services. By using our services, you agree to these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, and any other relevant documents.

2. Purpose and Scope

These Terms of Use, along with our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, govern your use of They are available in English for review, printing, or download at any time.

3. Website Access and Acceptance

Access to is free, but your internet provider may charge you for the connection. No registration is needed to browse the website, but it is required for certain services. By using, you agree to these Terms and confirm that you have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement.

4. Conditions of Use

You agree to use lawfully and in good faith. You are responsible for any misuse and the resultant damages to Bluebird Technologies or third parties.

5. Description of Service provides services for creating and analyzing QR codes. The service initiation, subscription details, and user responsibilities are outlined herein.

6. Pricing and Taxes

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include applicable taxes. Price modifications and tax exemptions, if any, are subject to your location and status.

7. Payment Method

Services can be purchased using credit or debit cards through a secure payment gateway.

8. Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Due to the digital nature of our services, the right of withdrawal may not be applicable. Refunds are subject to the terms outlined herein.

9. Offer Validity

Service offers and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

10. Security

We ensure the security of our service to the best of our current technological ability, but cannot guarantee future security. You are required to report any security breaches immediately.

11. Modifications and Nullity

Terms may be updated. Changes will be communicated via our website or email. Invalid clauses do not affect the validity of the remaining Terms.

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms are governed by Australian law. We encourage resolving disputes through arbitration when possible.

13. Intellectual Property

All content on is protected under intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

14. Liability and Warranties

Users are responsible for lawful use of the website. Bluebird Technologies is not liable for issues beyond its control, including technical failures or unauthorized access.

15. Links

Links to must be clear and not imply endorsement. We are not responsible for the content on linked external sites.

16. Data Protection

We are committed to protecting your data as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

17. Duration and Modification of Terms

These Terms are valid until modified or updated. Changes will be communicated as required.

18. General

Non-enforcement of any rights by Bluebird Technologies does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

19. Customer Service

For inquiries or complaints, please contact us at